Best ways to use deodorant to stop sweating

Using a deodorant to stop sweating is one of the effective methods to keep you fresh and rid you of body odor.

Deodorants contain some antibacterial agents that makes the armpits shift its pH balance to more acidic therefore reducing the amount of bacteria that can proliferate and cause body odor.

When you use antiperspirants and deodorant to stop sweating, they act as a form of wall against the sweat pores. More often than not, the two products are mixed together to form one substance that can effectively stop sweating where it happens the most.

It is of vital importance that your physician must examine excessive sweating in order to rule out hyperhidrosis where the patient has profuse sweating not only in the armpits but also in the hands, face and feet.

If you want to try an antiperspirant or deodorant to stop sweating, there are different varieties available that you could choose from. There are mil roll on types that can stop sweating.

These products contain about 12% aluminum chloride and are strong enough to clinically block the sweat pores. If you apply this in the evening on your underarms it can effectively stop sweating and can also absorb the moisture that causes that particular odor.  However, they are not an effective product to stop body odor alone.  You may need a separate deodorant to stop sweating during the day in order to cover this problem.

If you have an uncontrollable condition that causes severe underarm sweating, you could still use a strong antiperspirant that can help control or stop sweating.  There are many products out there available which are even recommended by dermatologists to help stop sweating where it sweats the most.

A strong antiperspirant product may contain as much as 15% aluminum chloride in a stable aqueous substance.

There are even many variants of perspirants and deodorant to stop sweating; one of the popular forms being a gel which could be easily applied on the affected body part with an applicator stick. You know that the product is effective to stop sweating when it works for at least ninety-six hours per single application.

A single bottle should last you for at least three months.

Deodorant to stop sweating also comes in the form of strong roll on products that can help your problem. However, some of these are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Such strong deodorant to stop sweating contains about 20% aluminum chloride and works almost instantly.

It needs to be applied only once daily as a topical substance to affected areas like the feet, the space in between the toes, the armpits and the hands. Such deodorant to stop sweating is quite effective and is only generally used sparingly to avoid problems of skin irritation.

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