Most Important Factors of Excessive Facial Sweating – Cause and Treatment

Excessive facial sweating is a type of Hyperhidrosis, which tends to affect face, scalp and neck. It causes the hair to look oily and dirty.

Every person is very cautious to prevent any social embarrassment. One tends to get frustrated sometimes due to excess sweating in public areas and social gatherings.

Symptoms of excessive facial sweating may start while eating, speaking to someone, or performing any other simple activity which may not include heavy work.

Normally, sweating occurs when our body burns calories in the form of work. It is a condition where a person sweats uncontrollably with perspiration. Women who undergo excessive facial sweating tend to keep short hair and are unable to wear makeup.

Causes and symptoms of excessive facial sweating:

Facial blushing is a common factor which is related to excessive facial sweating where a person may experience uncontrollable reddening of the face. Facial sweating is related to the functioning of the central nervous system under certain conditions. A problem in the spinal cord and other nerves related to it may cause primary sweating in particular areas of your body for some time.

Anxiety and nervousness are also responsible for excessive facial sweating and facial blushing. These conditions are purely related to the mental stability of a person. Development of anxiety is a common phenomenon in youngsters when they experience some sort of instability of mind. It may even include facing any situation which they have only imagined.

Emotions are controlled by the brain which in turn controls the sweat glands. You may feel excessive facial sweating when you are too happy, depressed or nervous. These all are related to one another. You tend to show signs of excessive facial sweating and facial blushing without your notice.

Treatment of excessive facial sweating:

The treatment of excessive facial sweating depends on the severity of the facial sweating and blushing, and the points which trigger them. You can consult a psychologist to address the emotional symptoms and seek his/her help in curing it.

If excessive facial sweating is related to the internal physical imbalance of your body, then you need to consult a physician who is experienced in handling such issues. Using specialized antiperspirants like creams or oral medication may decrease excessive facial sweating. Botox can also be used to prevent facial sweating. These treatments have the ability to reduce excessive facial sweating up to 80% (Surgery is prescribed under extreme conditions).

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