What To Do Against Excessive Sweating hands

The “excessive sweating hands” trouble has bothered many people from long. People with excessive sweating hands find it difficult to carry-out their day to day activities without feeling awkward. Whoever they touch or come in contact with, are bound to feel or sense their perspiring hands.

They can even be very embarrassed with shaking hands, reaching out for objects or even when touching fabric and other stainable material.

Excessive sweating hands are indicative of a possible nervous disorder. Nerve endings which communicate the need to perspire are probably sending wrong signals. Such nerve endings responsible for excessive sweating hands are usually situated in the upper chest region.

Say, the armpits, for instance. Medically, doctors cannot say why excessive sweating hands are so prevalent.

However, they have been able to diagnose and treat them effectively.

There are people who can have excessive perspiration all over the body in addition to excessive sweating hands. A thorough examination by a doctor will help determine what type of treatment will best suit you. In medical terms, the condition of excessive sweating hands is called palmar hyperhidrosis. It can be treated surgically by a procedure called thoracic sympathectomy. This is a process of performing a pinhole surgery to cut off defective nerve endings in the chest area of your sympathetic nervous system.

Excessive sweating hands can also be treated in conservative, non-surgical ways. Certain oral medicines and even Botox shots can be used to relieve patients from excessive sweating hands.

There are other internal and external factors that can also be causative factors for excessive sweating hands. They are: fever related illnesses, hormonal disorders or allergic reaction as well. Hot and humid weather, hot clothing and excessive hot food intake can also be responsible for excessive sweating hands.

Whatever the cause, it is the endeavour of medical professionals and well-wishers to attend to the discomfort those excessive sweating hands can cause. This palmar hyperhidrosis (medical term for excessive sweating hands) is a commonly prevalent condition and there are several support groups on the internet that can be of help to you.

You can also take simple personal measures to reduce your discomfort. Use a hanky, powder your hands and stay in cool environments. Exercise, eat right and practise de-stressing techniques. Anxiety is also a major contributor to excessive sweating hands. Staying calm at all times is an effective way to overcome excessive sweating hands distress caused by anxiety.

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