How To Make Hands Stop Sweating

There are quite a few ways as to how to make hands stop sweating.

Sweating of the hands and palms is a common problem for lots of us, and can be difficult to tackle at times. Whether you are making a hand shake with someone, or trying to write quickly, excessive sweat in your hands can really make you fall in an embarrassing situation.

To make this whole episode a passes, there are certain things that you can keep in mind and try them out. Here are some tips on how to make hands stop sweating, so that you do not experience any difficulties.

First things first, washing your hands and palms on a regular basis can be an effective solution to your ‘how to make hands stop sweating’ dilemma. This allows excessive heat to pass through the pores and hence reduces excessive sweat secretion.

As a result the hands and palms do not get full of sweat. Moreover, one of the useful ways of how to make hands stop sweating for those who live in the tropical regions is to put some sun screen or lotion on their hands before going out.

This also minimizes the effect of heat on the hands and reduces the occurrence of sweat. A sun screen lotion prevents the rays and heat of the sun from touching the skin directly and reduces the secretion of sweat by the pores.

There are also some treatments that guide you as to how to make hands stop sweating.

In medical terms, excessive sweating of the hands and palms is known as “Palmer Hyperhidrosis”. In this disorder the sweat glands in the hands secrete more sweat than usual. One can undergo some form of cosmetic treatment such as botox injections to reduce excessive sweating. The results are pretty effective and remain for at least more than one year.

However, the process is pretty costly and also need constant care and medication even after it is done. Alternatively there is another process known as the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy that can be a solution to the ‘how to make hands stop sweating’ issue. In this process, a small incision is made under the armpits and the nerve endings to the palms are cut to reduce excessive sweating.

Last but not the least, having a healthy lifestyle is another suggestion as to how to make hands stop sweating. You need to avoid excessive oily and spicy food, and sleep well.

Try to get away from stress and tension as well. Follow these tips and ideas on how to make hands stop sweating and reduce sweat from your body, be it the hands or the forehead significantly.

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