Simple Tips On How To Stop Sweating Feet

Sweaty, smelly feet are a major turn off and many are finding out means as to how to stop sweating feet.

Plantar hyperhidrosis or sweating is prominent among parts of body like feet, underarms and groin. They sweat excessively.

There are many ways to stop sweating but the question is how to stop sweating feet from causing embarrassment.

Solutions are many such using an anti-perspirants, drugs to control sweat, using talcum powders etc. However, the best ways are natural ways to stop sweating. If you have the question ‘how to stop sweating feet’ then this article has the answers.

How to Stop Sweating Feet- Wash Your Feet

Bathe your feet using antiseptic soap often. This keeps your feet from getting heated up. A natural way to stop sweating on your feet is to boil some guava leaves and soak your feet in the lukewarm water for a while. Guava leaves are an excellent source of antiperspirant.

Wash and Change Your Shoes

Another piece of advice that will answer your ‘how to stop sweating feet’ question is to wash your shoes periodically and keep them under the sun. In case of leather shoes, wipe them dry every day after use with moist linen. The linen must not be drenched thoroughly in water. It must be just slightly moist. Wipe them on the insides thoroughly. Remove the laces and put them out to dry till the time you need them. This gives the shoe a lot of air. After wiping sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder inside the shoes. Avoid using the same pair of shoes for more than three days in a row. Change them every two or three days. When not in use give your shoes as much air as possible.

Another tip on how to stop sweating feet – cut two pieces of lemon and place them in the shoe when not in use. Follow this if you are using the shoes every day. Airing the shoes and placing lemon will prevent fungal and other bacterial attack on your shoes. You can replace lemon with an orange peel. They give the shoes a fresh feel and your feet will stop sweating because there is a lot of air space in the shoe.

Cotton Socks

Body generally sweats because of synthetic clothing. Want another suggestion on how to stop sweating feet?

Use cotton socks. This is because cotton absorbs the sweat easily unlike synthetic ones. Synthetic socks neither absorb sweat nor allow air circulation. Therefore sweat is accumulated on your feet and socks. This is not the case with cotton. Apart from this, wash your socks everyday so that the freshness is maintained.

The above tips and ideas on how to stop sweating feet can save you from great embarrassment if you follow the same diligently.

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