How To Stop Sweating Hands?

How to stop sweating hands from impeding your daily routines? This is a question that many people want answered. Excessive sweating in the palms is called palmar hyperhidrosis.

It is usually due an underlying nerve condition. How to stop sweating hands from coming in your way as you go about your daily activities?

Sweaty palms can stop you from a confident hand shake.  You may find it difficult to even work at computer keyboards, equipment and machinery at work and even at the kitchen.

Here Is How To Stop Sweating Hands..

How to stop sweating hands in your pocket? 

Keep a hand kerchief or paper towel that can soak up all the sweat.

This trick is very useful before you shake hands. Simply plant your hands in your pockets and walk about. Keep a soft cloth and let the cloth absorb the sweat from your hands.

How to stop sweating hands from more perspiration?

Always wash your hands in cool water. Frequent rinsing with cool water will keep your hands from getting warmer.

It is needless to say that hot water will only increase your perspiration.

How to stop sweating hands while at home or work?

Keep your environs well ventilated and airy. Stay indoors and keep the air conditioner set to optimal temperature.

How to stop sweating hands from staining fabric, equipment and hand tools while at work?

Always keep a little powder handy. Baby powder is hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. It has been observed that antiperspirant foot powder is also very effective on palms.

Keep in mind not to use these powders just before eating or consuming Medicines.

How to stop sweating hands before make overs?

Keep your hands powdered and strictly avoid moisturizers. They have a natural tendency to hydrate your skin and your already sweaty palms will only get sweatier.

How to stop sweating hands with the use of medicines?

Botox is an expensive option to drastically reduce perspiration in the hands. The effect will dwindle in a few months and you may require another shot in about 4 to 5 months as recommended by doctor. There is also a surgical method that is prevalent

How to stop sweating hands with lifestyle changes?

Change your lifestyle to include cooling foods like fresh fruit juices, vegetables and lots of water. Avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee. Avoid consuming flavored soda too.

Caffeine has the ability to increase perspiration. Stay active and exercise. It will not only keep you physically fit, it will make you less vulnerable to work and family stresses.

Stress and anxiety are very important factors that influence perspiration. If you conquer stress, then you have learnt how to stop sweating hands from becoming indicators of your anxiety.

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