Is Surgery To Stop Sweating Required

Sweating is a very normal thing and much of an issue for a majority of us, and there are many who want to stop sweating at any cost and by any method; using surgery to stop sweating being one of them.

The problem for them becomes a must fight ailment and they start looking for methods by which they can stop sweating.

There are many natural methods that can be used to stop sweating actually, but at times in severe cases, these natural methods do not provide any kind of relief.

People have themselves diagnosed and examined for the possible causes for this problem so that by encountering them, they can stop sweating, but to no avail! In such cases, surgery to stop sweating becomes the route.

The medical science advancements have found out that surgery to stop sweating can be an effective means to live a confident life.

One of these methods is taking Botox injections.

The Botox treatment has become largely popular in the recent past by some of our favorite actors and actresses using them to keep their youth intact, but they also used to stop sweating in one’s body.

This surgery to stop sweating is performed at the most sweaty parts of one’s body so that the sweat glands are blocked along with the nerves that trigger sweating.

But it should also be known that there can be some serious side effects of this treatment; from the pain in the injected holes to weakness in the body.

Another surgery to stop sweating in the body parts is Iontophoresis.

This type of treatment uses electric current to pass shock waves into the nerves of the person’s body through water. This treatment to stop sweating includes the increasing of the shock intensity, up to the limit to which one can bear it and continue it for around twenty minutes.

The process targets the open pores of the feet and hands through which the shock acts on the sweat glands. However, this surgery to stop sweating can have side effects like blisters on the feet and also cracks in the skin.

The third alternative surgery to stop sweating is Sympathectomy.

This is a far more serious and grave method that can be used to stop sweating as it involves making incisions in the body so as to cut and disrupt the flow of the nerves through which sweat travels to the body’s surface.

As serious is the method to stop sweating, equally serious are its side effects that range from breathing complications to blood in the thoracic cavity.

After knowing about all the processes, surgery to stop sweating and their side effects, it should be well thought about and deliberated upon before resorting to them.


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