Ways To Stop Sweating So Much

The article talks about ways to stop sweating so much. Although sweating is a natural body process necessary for all the toxins to be released from your body, it is not a good sign if you are sweating excessively.

The condition is called as hyperhidrosis. People suffering from such disorder normally sweat a lot on the face, feet, hands, back and under arms.

There are actually ways to stop sweating so much. You can go the surgical way or natural way.

However, natural way of dealing with things is the best way.

Avoiding caffeine

If you cannot avoid your coffee intake, you must at least reduce your regular dose. This is because studies have found a link between caffeine and sweating. This is one of the ways to stop sweating so much.

Drink cold water

Drinking water is anytime healthy. Drinking cold water is one of the effective ways to stop sweating so much on your face and other parts of the body. This is because it will reduce your body temperature, thus cooling your body.

Spicy food

Spicy foods contain an enzyme that gives the spicy flavour. This enzyme stimulates the secretion of sweat in your body by increasing the overall body temperature and activating the sweat glands. Therefore, one of the ways to stop sweating so much is to cut down on spicy foods.


Alcohol is consumed in cold countries to increase the body temperature and keep you warm. Alcoholic drinks therefore stimulate sweating. Cutting down or avoiding alcohol is another of the effective ways to stop sweating so much.


Getting tensed will only cause you to sweat more. If your work causes a lot of stress and strain then do activities that relax you after office hours. This reduces a lot of strain and your mind and body both are relaxed.

Cotton Clothes

As far as possible, try to wear cotton clothes. Synthetic, polyester, silk clothes generally do not absorb sweat. Instead they get drenched due to sweat very easily. Cotton clothes absorb sweat to a great extent and do not get drenched at all; hence is one of the more common ways to stop sweating so much on your body.

For extreme hyperhidrosis, the only solution is perhaps surgery. However, it is always better to adopt natural ways tostop sweating so much on body parts as they have no risks or side effects associated with them.

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