What Causes Night Sweats?

What causes night sweats? A lot of people would like to know the answer to the question what causes night sweats?

Because whatever the cause is, it sure is uncomfortable and people who suffer from it would like to get the root cause and know what causes night sweats so they can take appropriate measures and do something and eliminate the problem from the root.

So, what causes night sweats? We can classify the reasons as to what causes night sweats into 3 categories –

Something to do with your surroundings, something to do with you and something to do with the things you do.

So let us examine each scenario and find out what causes night sweats.

What causes night sweats? Could be something to do with your surroundings. Do you live in a city that is hot and humid. In a coastal city in the tropics perhaps. The weather could be causing all that sweating. Better get an air-conditioner installed.

Or sometimes, maybe it s just bad planning of the house.

There are some house situated in cities with great weather that are very uncomfortable to live in and the residents are puzzled as to what causes night sweats or sweating in general.

The house could be badly ventilated or may have too much glass facing the sun which creates a greenhouse effect. Or sometimes, it may not have anything to do with the house or weather after all.

What causes night sweats? Could it be something to do with yourself? Are you suffering from hyperhidrosis?

Yes, there actually is a medical condition that causes people to sweat excessively. You need to visit a doctor who can take care of this problem. There are treatments available. There is a non invasive surgical procedure to counter this problem that may be of benefit to you.

Or maybe the problem is not physical, it is mental. Do you worry a lot? Do you wake up in cold sweat having nightmares? Maybe you need to get rid of whatever it is that is bothering you. Take the help of family and friends or a if need be, a professional psychiatrist who can tell you exactly what causes night sweats and help you counter the problem.

What causes night sweats? Could it be something that you do? If you wear clothing that is too heavy, it can cause sweating. If you  indulge in heavy physical activity, that too can cause sweating. A hot shower that is too hot can also cause sweating. Now that you know what causes night sweats, analyze your lifestyle and find out if you are doing any of these things.

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